What I read on the internet (2017 edition)


About a year ago I was asked in comments what do I read on the internet. Back then, the list consisted from blogs of open-source products I’ve been using (like Atom, Elasticsearch, Icinga, Grafana), some personal blogs (Lennart Poettering, Aphyr, Julia Evans), some company blogs (Github Engineering) and basic tech press (Ars Technica, The Verge, Phoronix, LWN). And two mail lists - Devops Weekly and Golang Weekly.

Now I’ve been asked if something have changed.

Well, it did - I’ve almost stopped reading blogs of products I’ve been using, because since I’m working in a Big IT Company™ now we tend to use in-house solutions, which means I don’t care that much about Icinga, Grafana and others. I still try to keep up with their progress, but maybe once per month or two. The only blog that I’m keeping eye on is Atom blog since I’m using Atom both at home and at work.

Also list of personal blogs I’m reading grown up significantly, now it’s huge:

I’m still on Devops Weekly and Golang Weekly mailing lists, but tend to read they emails in batches once per month.

I still read Ars Technica, The Verge, Phoronix and LWN. List of company blogs grown up a bit and now consist of:

I’m using Feedly and Pocket to keep up with this amount of information. I’m saving all interesting posts and articles to Pocket and then try to read them when I have some free time.

Almost forgot to mention /r/Linux on reddit and Hacker News. I try to read both couple of times per week.

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