My new Scale Models gallery


I’ve just published my new site - personal Scale Models Gallery.

Model making is my main and favorite hobby, so I’ve decided to build a whole new site just to write about it.

I just love doing something without the computer, it’s an awesome way to de-stress and detox.

Also I love to make notes about things I do, read, watch or play. And one day I’ve just realized that I want to turn my notes about making scale models with all this wip photos and comments about quality or tools into something bigger.

I’ve already had great experience with static site generators, so it was just a matter of choosing one.

For reason of being fed up with python at work, and also because I love Go language, I chose Hugo.

It’s much easier to set up, it’s much faster than Pelican I’m still using for this blog, and it seems to be more flexible.

Once I chose the generator and a theme, which is a port of Casper theme from Ghost blogging platform, I just had to convert my Evernote notes into a proper site, which I did in a couple of evenings.

I’m pretty happy with the result so far, looks nice both on desktop and mobile, and does basically everything I wanted from it, which is just picture-heavy posts and aggregation by tags per scale and make.

I still have to add Google Analytics and Discuss to it, but even now my ego is pretty much satisfied.

Tags: Golang Hugo

Categories: Personal